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1. Install PHP HTML to PDF Library;
2. Use the following PHP code snippet to convert HTML to PDF:

 try {
echo "Printing!";
$loader_ojb = new COM("easyPDF.Loader.8");
 $printr_obj = $loader_ojb->LoadObject("easyPDF.Printer.8");
 $print_job = $printr_obj->IEPrintJob;
 $print_job->PrintOut($inputFile, $outputFile);
print " DONE! ";
 catch (Exception $exception) {
 print "\r\n ERROR : ";
 print $exception->getMessage();
 print "\r\n" ;
 print $print_job->ConversionResultMessage();
 print "\r\n" ;
 print $print_job->PrinterResultMessage();

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